Strings - Violin, Viola and Cello

At the beginning of the course students learn how to correctly hold a string instrument in order to create a good sound and achieve good posture. They play on open strings and gradually move on to playing with their fingers while learning music notation.

Aural training is a very important part of violin, viola and cello classes in Keys & Strings. Students sing notes and pieces before they play them. This provides great ear training and contributes to playing in tune.

Scales and finger exercises are introduced to improve student's technique.  Keys & Strings students have the opportunity to play in a duet with piano accompaniment during their classes to advance their music skills.

String instrument repertoire involves a wide range of beautiful pieces; classical, folk and popular.
If you decide to take up one of the strings you will need the right size of instrument and suitable for a beginner. String instruments improve aural skills and are a very social instrument particularly if you are interested in playing in a group.

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