At the beginning of lessons students are introduced to the three pillars of singing; posture, breath control and vocal production which aim to develop beautiful all round singing. They also learn vocal warm ups and how to sing scales using the Kodaly technique known as Solfege.


Student’s vocal range and vocal tone is developed by using techniques endorsed by the great singers from around the world.


Singing repertoire includes genres such as folk, pop, rock, classical, musical theatre and jazz.

Songs in foreign languages such as Italian, German and French are also introduced by learning how to read the basics of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).


Microphone technique and singing in harmony with other voices is also taught to enhance the performance skills. Keys & Strings students get an opportunity to perform in the school’s concerts, street fairs and festivals.


Elements of music theory are included in every class and students have the option of applying for exams (grades 1-8) with the Royal Irish Academy.

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