Woodwinds - Saxophone and flute


At the beginning of the saxophone course students will learn how to assemble and look after their saxophone. They will also learn techniques such as mouth positioning (embouchure), vibrato, accenting and legato as well as the notes of the instrument.
Saxophone is incredibly useful in helping to develop a musical ear and students will be introduced to scales, arpeggios and other tools that will aid them in their playing as well as providing them with a strong understanding of music theory.
The saxophone is a famously versatile instrument and can be heard in pop, rock, classical, jazz and blues.


Flute is perhaps the most popular instrument in the woodwind family, and also the oldest. Beginner flute students will learn basic music theory, breathing and posture, introduction to the flute- the head joint, main tube, foot joint, assembling the flute, cleaning the flute, embouchure, intonation, tonguing and changing of breaths.


Once the foundation and techniques are built, we will start exploring on the various repertoires (classical, pop or jazz) depending on the student’s interest.


Intermediate and advanced  flutists are also welcome in our school. For those who are looking to improve their techniques, performance interpretations and repertoires, our teachers will create a lesson plan that suits each student.


While we encourage our students to take exams, we also understand they are not for everybody. If you are looking to learn music purely for the love and fun of it, speak to our teachers and we will guide you and work with you based on your preferences.

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