Known as the king of musical instruments, piano is no doubt one of the most popular options children  and adults choose to learn. Piano lessons in Keys & Strings School of Music are specially designed for students of all ages as it is never too late to learn.


At the beginning of the course, you will learn about the basic foundation of piano playing such as correct posture, hand positions, reading musical notations and rhythm. In Keys & Strings School of Music, we believe that a strong foundation will help students to develop a solid knowledge and understanding in music, which is essential if they would like to be professional musicians in the future.


For intermediate and advanced pianists who are looking to improve their learning and skills, our piano teachers are all professionally trained and qualified to suitably support your continued progress. During your first few lessons, our teachers will create a lesson plan based on your individual needs, as we believe that everyone is different and unique in their own ways!


In Keys & Strings School of Music, we don’t just focus on progression and results, we care about the enjoyment of learning to play an instrument too.  Students are free to choose the types of music they wish to learn, whether it’s Classical, pop or rock.


While we encourage our students to take exams to promote their development, we also understand they are not for everybody. If you are looking to learn music purely for the love and fun of it, just speak to our teachers and they will guide you and work with you based on your preferences.


It is recommended to practice on the piano from the very start, but many beginners begin learning on a keyboard. However, unlike the piano, keyboard has no weighted keys, touch, sensitivity and a fixed pedal so it is highly recommended for students who are Grade 2 and above to have at least an electric piano that they can practice on at home.

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