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Music Medals

Music Medals classes

Music Medals classes in Keys & Strings are based on Dalcroze and Kodaly's method of early music education.

The classes have been carefully researched and designed collaboratively by Keys & Strings teachers to deliver the highest quality material and learning experience for young children. 

Music Medals classes provide an excellent foundation and insight into the world of music as well as a
steppingstone to more advanced classes.


Throughout the course, children are introduced to and learn about


·    simple music notation

·    songs in English

·    songs in Solfege (ages 5-7 only)

·    rhythm clapping

·    various instruments including piano, ukulele, violin and flute

·    instruments of the orchestra      

·    classical music composers

·    Irish and European dances


In the classes, children also engage in a variety of music games in order to develop


· musical imagination

· musical improvisation

· sense of beat

· rhythmic skills

· singing in tune

· musical direction and instrument techniques

· understanding of slow and fast tempos

· understanding of major and minor tonality

· the ability to stop and pause while performing a music piece

· ability to distinguish sounds of instruments of the same orchestra family e.g violin and cello


At the end of the term our teacher's advice if a student is ready to move on to more advanced classes. We also celebrate with medals for all participants!

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