Mother & Baby music  group 


Mother & Baby music group is designed for children aged 6 months to 3 years and their parents. 

Throughout the classes classical and Irish traditional music is introduced to the participants. Carefully researched repertoire known for its calming and relaxing effect is played by Keys & Strings teachers on various instruments such as classical and Irish traditional flute, violin, guitar, piano and cello.

Nursery rhymes, Celtic lullabies and children's favourite popular songs are sung by the teacher.

Children engage in the classes by playing percussion instruments, dancing, clapping and colouring to express their feelings through music. Various musical games are introduced to make the experience fun and entertaining.

The main aims of the classes are to  :

  • develop a love of music,

  • help strengthen the bond between parents and their children,

  • learn rhythmic skills,

  • establish listening skills which are vital to learning language,

  • develop confidence,

  • stimulate brain development,

  • appreciate a wide range of music in later years,

  • prepare children for instrumental classes.

Mother & baby group classes are of 30 - 45 minutes duration depending on the size of the group.

8 Lower Main Street, Rush, Co. Dublin.                       
Unit 3, Supervalue shopping centre, Skerries, Co. Dublin.