Guitar & Ukulele

Keys & Strings students can choose between learning classical and popular guitar. At the beginning of the course they learn how to correctly hold a guitar and pluck the strings.This is followed by learning how to place  fingers on the frets. After that students gradually move on to playing chords and plucking notes. A variety of repertoire is presented to guitar students including classical and popular pieces and they can choose to do Classical or Rock exams. Young students (aged 5 to 7) are encouraged to learn the ukulele first. Ukulele is smaller in size and the strings are easier to press.

                                        Electric Guitar

The aim of electric guitar lessons at Keys & Strings School of Music is to present you with the essential techniques required to play lead guitar. They include lesson by lesson guides outlining the techniques and make-up of a modern lead guitarist.

The lead guitarist is generally considered the most important instrumentalist in a rock/pop/folk group. A band’s sound, tone, character and direction will be influenced by his or her ability and style.

Weekly lessons provide you with an essential guide to good technique. Studies, depending on the student’s level and ability will be broken into progressive sections including;

Section 1

  • Basic open chords.

  • Strumming patterns and good time keeping.

  • Single string melodies and riffs.

  • Major and minor key chord progressions.

Section 2

  • Major and Minor scales.

  • Simple lead playing, short solo sequences with correct finger and hand position.

  • More advanced riffs.

  • Pentatonic scale and improvisation, including legato picking, bends and vibrato.

Section 3

  • Blues scale and improvisation.

  • Fingerstyle patterns.

  • Right hand fretting techniques.

  • Theory of 3rds, 6ths and octaves.

  • Arpeggios.

  • An in-depth study of guitar greats and their styles will be made, and exercises in technique, to focus on picking, scales and arpeggios will be looked at when the student has reached the appropriate level.

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