Drum Kit & Percussion


The Drum Kit and Percussion classes at Keys & Strings School of Music are structured in a very straightforward and practical manner.

Beginner and intermediate students will study the essential reading and playing skills required for the drum set.

Rhythms and beats are introduced in a logical, step-by-step manner. For example, a new rhythm is introduced and studied on the snare drum and then applied to the drum set as a beat. Fills and variations are added to the rhythm to develop co-ordination and good technique. The same rhythm is reviewed and used to accompany a play-along song. This way each concept is reinforced and used in different ways.

With a grasp of the basic knowledge of time keeping and song accompaniment, you will study more advanced exercises in co-ordination and independence, thereby freeing all four limbs from dependence on one another.

Studies will include;
·         Basic sticking possibilities.
·         Fundamental rudiments.
·         Develop fluid technique and co-ordination.
·         Improve sight reading.
·         Increase your creative and soloing imagination.
·         Apply these techniques to rock, funk, swing, jazz and blues.

In studying the styles of well-respected drummers, the student expands his or her depth of musicianship and develops new levels of creativity and confidence. A student may opt for a drum performance at his or her junior or leaving cert practical exams whilst enjoying the benefit of a wonderful pastime with long-term effects.

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